Sun 28 Mar 2021 16:29

If you have questions such as;

  • How do I play rugby for Stockwood Park or how does my child play rugby for Stockwood Park?
  • What will I need?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What time do you practice?
  • When do you play matches?
  • If I’m not very good will I get to play in a match?

then read on;

  • We either practice or play matches on Sundays, 09h30 until 12h30. Very occasionally the matches might finish after this time on a Sunday. (Once this season so far and only once last season)
  • We practice on a Thursday evening from 7pm until 8pm. Practice sometimes extends to 8:30pm but some children leave at 8:00pm because it is a school night and 8:30pm is too late. (Basically, you are free to remove your child at 8:00pm if you wish).   Note : Teams for age groups U12 and below do not practice during the week.
  • To play in matches your child must attend practices regularly on Sundays. He or she does not have to attend every Sunday practice but must attend enough training sessions to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills to play and avoid injury by following the training techniques. The club policy is that to be eligable to play in a match a player must have attended 50% of the practice sessions in the 2 weeks leading to match day.
  • While we would like all the children to attend on Thursday evenings we do appreciate that parents work and may have trouble getting to the ground on a Thursday. A player is never penalised (e.g. not being allowed to play in a match) for not attending a Thursday practice. However, we do strongly recommend that they do attend the Thursday sessions as 2 hours on a Sunday is not enough time to build the required fitness levels and rugby skills.
  • Player insurance is included as part of the club membership fee via the RFU, you should review the cover provided.
  • We offer several different types of annual membership to the club.
  • We normally play matches against each club twice in a season, once at home and once away.
  • You will have to provide a pair of shorts, socks and rugby boots (not football boots- they can be football boots but must have the Kite Mark approved rugby studs). We only provide a Match Jersey to play in, you will have to provide a practice jersey for practice sessions. The club shop has second hand boots and practice jerseys. In the colder months players will need a tracksuit.
  • You will need a pair of trainers for use before and after practice/matches as boots are not allowed in the main part of the clubhouse. The same applies at every club we visit.
  • A very important piece of equipment is a gumguard which every player must wear during practice and matches. Players will not be allowed to participate in any session without a gumguard. The club shop does not always have stock, they can be purchased from most sport shops. We stock the OPRO brand in the club shop. The gumguard will require moulding before it is used for the first time (normally dipped in boiling water for 20 seconds approximately and then while hot (as can be tolerated by the player) inserted into the players mouth and moulded, once cooled the guard retains the moulded shape). The instructions for the various brands of gumguard are different for each brand and must be followed closely to ensure a good fit. If the player has not worn a gumguard before or moulded one before please feel free to buy the guard and bring it to the club where one of the coaches can assist with the fitting.
  • A scrumcap is not mandatory and is down to personal preference. For those players in the older age groups where the player is playing in a position that might cause those rugby ‘cauliflower’ ears we recommend the use of a scrumcap. Speak to the team coach if in doubt.
  • On the Sundays we play matches we normally play at least 2 matches but never more than 4, the regulations on this vary from age group to age group.   Our goal is to ensure that every player (subject to attending practices as per above) gets to play the average match play time for his or her age group.   Speak to the team coach for further details.